LEAKED: Big Brother 18 House Pics/ Photos!

Big Brother 18 House Pics

Well, it happened. Big Brother 18 house pics have been leaked.


Big Brother 18 House HOH Room

Thank you @BBFeedsFairy for first posting the BB18 leaked pics on Twitter. Apparently they were posted on Facebook by Kevin Frazier from ET...possibly on accident. Or not.

The BB18 house seems to have a worldy theme, with a Japanese Anime inspired bedroom, and a British one as well. There are jet planes all over the walls, and an Eiffel Tower in the kitchen.

BB18 House Pics

BB18 houseguests can still play a game of chess upstairs..

BB18 House Pics Leaked

Trains, cars, jets....TRAFFIC on the way to the BB18 HOH bedroom.

BB18 House Photos

Looks like there is a new swimming pool and hot tub in the Big Brother 18 house..

Big Brother 18 Yard

Most interesting BB18 house leaked pic? The bathroom floor is SAND!! That will SURELY be spread throughout the house this summer.

Big Brother 18 Leaked Pics

Best tweet?

So, it's the same house with new decor/paint. I'm starting to lose hope that there will EVER be a new Big Brother US house/set. Regardless, Big Brother 18 is nearly here, and it's almost time to start binging on the BB18 LIVE FEEDS!

If you haven't got your BB18 live feeds subscription yet, you better get on it. Lots of exclusive pre-season content, interviews and past seasons. $5.99/month. New season begins JUNE 22!

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