Big Brother 18 Postpones Cast Reveal

CBS Big Brother has tweeted that the BB18 cast reveal will be postponed until Tuesday, June 14.

The cast reveal had originally been planned for Monday morning (June 13), but CBS suddenly had a change of heart the night before. Kinda bizarre, and VERY last minute.

It seems the cast reveal will not be a live stream as originally planned either.

Not such a smooth start to BB18...


6/13 UPDATE: CBS has since said they are delaying the cast release in light of the Orlando shootings. Their official statement: 

"In light of the recent tragedy in Orlando, Big Brother Season 18: Meet the Houseguests will not be streamed live today. Cast interviews will be available to CBS All Access subscribers this Tuesday at 1pm PT/4pm ET. We appreciate your understanding."

Needless to say, Big Brother 18 fans aren't exactly thrilled with the news. Here are just a few of the tweets from BB18 fans.


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