Congrats Steve Moses, Winner of Big Brother 17!

BB17 Steve Moses Winner of Big Brother
Steve is the BB17 Winner!

Wondering who won BB17?

Congratulations to Stee-vah!

Steve Moses was crowned the winner of Big Brother 17 Wednesday night, in a somewhat shocking finale episode.

Most BB17 fans expected Vanessa to walk away as the winner this season but Steve's Part 3 HOH win assured him the win. He went back on his word to Vanessa, taking Liz to the Final 2.

Steve seemed genuinely shocked to win Final HOH, and even more shocked to actually win BB17. Liz was a very gracious runner-up and seemed perfectly content with second place. She also looked super hot. ;)

Steve KILLED the questions by jury and actually showed that he was more of a strategist than we may have given him credit for.

Great BB17 finale.

Congratulations, Steve Moses, YOU are the winner of Big Brother 17!

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  1. Steve DID a killer job answering the questions of the jury as stated. YES, he is a very good stategist...who knew? I was thrilled he stepped up , took out Vanessa, and WON! He really deserved it. Many of us underestimated Steve! CONGRATULATIONS STEVE!!

  2. Steve surprised me. He really did have a strategy as already said and did an awsome job of answering the tough questions posed by the jury! I'm thrilled he had the sense to take Liz over Vanessa and thrilled he won!! Go Steve!!

  3. I was totally surprised by Steve, but it was a pleasant surprise! I always liked him, and I was happy for Liz too after seeing how genuinely happy and surprised she was to get some prize money. I can't help but feel like Vanessa was jipped though just because she was an absolute BB genius. I didn't even necessarily like her much but she was just such a good player, I felt like she deserved at least something for it.