Fan Uses Megaphone to Yell Over BB17 Fence

Big Brother Megahorn Fence Incident
Meg hears the megahorn message in the BB17 backyard
As has happened many times in the Big Brother house in the past, a Big Brother fan (or fans) decided to let the house in on some secrets by using a megaphone over the fence (and across the LA "river".) 

BB17 Megahorn Message in Backyard
James hears the megahorn fan

Flashback Time: 9/1 Tuesday 9:13 PM BBT

9:13 PM The megaphone fan starts yelling into the backyard. James says he heard, "Austin wants Julia out." Both Johnny Mac and Meg agree.

 Johnny Mac asks, "What do we do?!" Both Meg and James tell him not to say anything to the other houseguests. Liz walks into the backyard shortly after and everyone continues on like nothing happened.

 9:18 PM Big Brother calls for a lockdown after the megahorn fan starts yelling again.

It seems BB17 fans agree, this is what was said by the megahorn person:

"Vote out Julia. America wants Julia out. Austin and Vanessa have deals with everyone."

Did you miss it? Here's the video, courtesy of BigBrotherClips on YouTube:

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