Shelli and Clay Finally Kiss on BB17

BB17 Shelli and Clay Showmance Kiss
Shelli and Clay Kiss During Their Last BB17 Week Together

It's Shelli and Clay's final week together in the Big Brother 17 house, and after a month and a half of keeping it platonic, the showmance couple finally kissed Tuesday night.

BB17 Live Feeds Flashback: August 4 10:27PM CAM 1/2

Clay and Shelli are in the backyard on the round lounger. They start kissing. Then they keep kissing. And kissing, and kissing! The only thing that stopped them after two minutes is one of the twins walking into the backyard. Once they realize no one saw them they have a good laugh and kiss briefly again.

With both Shelli and Clay on the chopping block this week, who do you hope is evicted from the BB17 

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