Evel Dick Smashes Zach Rance's Phone

Evel Dick and Zach Fight Big Brother
Evel and Zach Rance: No love lost

BB16's Zach Rance and Evel Dick haven't been getting along recently, most likely because Dick made a comment to Zach about polishing Frankie's balls on Dick at Nite. (Watch the awkward discussion for free, click on EPISODE #19.)

Anyhow, Dick had Zach on his show, with Shannon Elizabeth and James Rhine, and Zach basically lost his shit after Evel made a comment about him polishing Frankie's balls. Zach basically refused to speak after the comment and offered nothing for the rest of the show. When he left, Shannon, James and Dick laughed about how weird he acted.

Tonight, Evel Dick and Zach reunited at some event (I'm too lazy to look and see WTF it was) and Zach was live streaming as usual, and Evel Dick came walking by. Zach immediately acted like nothing happened the other night (mistake) and asked Evel Dick to give a shout out to his "fans".  Dick wasn't having it and basically told him to go fuck himself. Zach kept on him, "Oh, COME ON!"

"That's one strike!" says Dick, clearly giving Zach his own medicine. Zach's jaw drops for some reason. Like he is shocked. It continues, then Dicks grabs Zach's phone and either tosses it or throws it to the ground. Some random hipster retrieves it and that's the end of Zach's YouNow chat for the night. Heh.

Watch the Evel Dick and Zach Rance video here: https://www.younow.com/ranceypants/61814738/8883565/1043/b/August-6,-2015

The Charity event was the Hearts of Reality fundraiser for Give Kids the World.

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