Shelli and Jackie Evicted from the Big Brother 17 House

Shelli Poole Evicted BB17
Adios to Shelli and doze teef!

A week after her showmance partner was voted out, Shelli Poole was evicted from the Big Brother 17 house. And in a surprising twist of events, Jackie was also evicted during this week's double eviction.

There was no amount of ass kissing and tears that would have kept Shelli in the house this week. Even Shelli's great gameplay couldn't keep her around during the double eviction.

After Shelli's departure (she's the first member of jury, by the way) Steve was the new HOH.

Boy, did he blow it.

Jackie Evicted BB17 House
Jackie leaves the BB17 house
Steve nominated Meg and JACKIE, because apparently he was hoping to backdoor Becky, who he has looong wanted out of the house. But you can never bet on a backdoor working according to plan. Johnny Mac won POV, kept the nominations the same and that was Jackie's ticket out the door.

The good news for Shelli and Jackie fans is that the two ladies (and presumably another houseguest) will compete to get back into the house. Big Brother has informed all houseguest of this, which I think is stupid, but anyway...

As a Jackie fan myself I am hoping she makes it back into the BB17 house. I know there are a lot of people who don't like Shelli, but I don't mind her. Girlfriend plays the game and she plays hard. Can't hate her for that! Should be a good competition between those two to say the least.

Who do you hope returns to the Big Brother 17 house, Shelli or Jackie?

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