Jeff Weldon is a Perv on Big Brother 17

If you didn't realize what a perv Jeff is on Big Brother 17, just wait until you hear this conversation he had with Liz (Julia).

 FLASHBACK TIME: Sunday July 5, 2:50PM, CAMERA 3/4 

BB17 Jeff Weldon Perv Comments
Jeff licks his lips while talking to Liz on the BB17 live feeds
In a nutshell, Jeff tells Liz/Julia he hopes she makes it to the Jury House for sexual reasons. "Don't worry Liz/Julia we'll make sure you make it to jury house so you can sleep with one of these horny guys."

 Jeff and Liz/Julia wonder if Shelli and Clay are hooking up. The conversation then turns towards Austin.

 "He would toss you around like a ragdoll."

 Liz squeals, "I know!!"

 "I feel like you would like that a little bit.." Liz squeals again and Jeff licks his lips.

"Me and Clay kind of want you at the same time. Is that okay? Can we do that?" He touches her leg.

 Liz (who is actually Julia) responds, "Nooo!" But then adds, "You and James..."

 Yes, I barfed too. There's more but you're going to have to watch for yourself. Use the CBS All Access Pass to access the Big Brother 17 live feeds:

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  1. not the right Flashback time

    1. Sorry! Typo, it was 2:50pm, not 3:50pm.

    2. cyninoregon7/29/15, 8:52 AM

      Not offensive to Liz, not to me. That's what the guys in my school talked like---they are lawyers and judges today, still married to original gfs from the 1970s... When you are trapped together and no time to pursue other possibilities, you develop a banter about hookups or dates that will never happen, fantasies, etc. You don't act on the teasing. They learn to respect you for being able to take the jokes and not be sleazy. If someone could not go to that level, she could leave and someone would escort here. But she'd never be treated as one of the group. Which really made me happy for years, living on my own. I bet Liz enjoys banter and that's why she voted for Jeff to stay. But jerking off next to her is too sleazy. Jeff's downfall, even tho Liz voted for him to stay.