Jeff and Jackie Hooked Up While on Amazing Race

Big Brother 17 Jeff Jackie
Austin tells Liz that Jeff & Jackie hooked up

BB17 Live Feeds Flashback Time: Friday, July 10, 9:17PM CAM 3/4

Most Big Brother fans aren't impressed with Amazing Race alumni Jeff and Jackie. Many BB fans think Jackie is basically "BB wallpaper," and Jeff has proven himself to be a pig by making inappropriate sexual remarks about the female houseguests.

I just KNEW they hooked up during their Amazing Race days, heh. Okay, so I didn't KNOW exactly...but I strongly suspected it.  Austin confirmed my suspicions Friday night on the BB17 Live Feeds. While lounging around in bed, Austin told Liz that Jeff told him he slept with Jackie.

9:17PM: Liz tells Austin that Jackie is freaking out about her Amazing Race bandana. She can't find it. She says Jackie keeps asking her about it, to the point of being "obnoxious". Austin replies, "I can't believe she had sex with him."


BB17 Jeff Jackie Hooked Up
Austin, as he's telling Liz about Jeff and Jackie (FB Time 09:17:13 PM)
"So gross," he adds. (When he says this, I die. It's like he's far-off, imagining it....)

"I thought it was just a kiss, but knowing Jeff, of course they ****ed," says Liz.

Austin then tells Liz that Jeff confirmed this information. Liz asks, "How many times?" Austin replies, "I don't know. He just said, 'It's not that hard, bro.'"

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  1. No respect for his egotistical kiss & tell mindset.

  2. No surprise Jeff kissed & told. He a mysogenistic pig. If you read up on Jackie...no surprise there either... and Austin....well he's one to talk. Going on BB w/a girlfriend, wanting an open relationship with her (denied), then breaking up while in the house to desperately pursue Liz like a love sick puppy....all the while Liz thinks he is gross & is only using him as a shield for her & her twin. Ahhh the showmance delusions that happen every season on BB! That goes for you too Clay & Shelly! Laughable!

    1. I love you! Especially the "laughable" part. I need to use that word more.