Da'Vonne Discovers Liz is the Twin Twist

On Monday Da'Vonne put the pieces together and figured out that Liz has a twin.

FLASHBACK TIME: Monday July 6, 3:50PM CAM 1/2

DaVonne Figures Out Liz is Twin
Da'Vonne notices Liz looks different sometimes...
Da'Vonne and Jason are sitting outside talking about Liz. Da'Vonne reveals her suspicions that Liz might part of a twin twist. She and Jason discuss it.

Jason says he thinks one twin is skinnier, and is the bikini wearer. Da'Vonne agrees and says one twin is heavier, with a fuller face. Jason reminds Da'Vonne of the Season 5 twin twist and how the twins entered the house after a certain amount of time.

Jason tells Da'Vonne he's going to be checking out Liz's body closely from here on out. They compare notes and soon after the news carries throughout the house.

FLASHBACK TIME Tuesday JULY 7, 3:22AM, Cam 3/4

BB17 Jason Talks Twin Twist
Jason dishes on the Liz & Julia twin twist
Jason and Da'Vonne talk about Liz having a "fat" twin to a handful of the BB17 houseguests.

They tell them Liz & Julia have physical differences, that they can't remember stories, and their voices are different.

They say Liz is skinnier and MEANER. Julia, they say, has thicker thighs, a booty and is nicer.

"We have been investigating this ALL DAY!" - Jason and Da'Vonne

It's hilarious. Flashback and check it out.

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