Da'Vonne Evicted from Big Brother 17

Big Brother 17 DaVonne Evicted
Da'Vonne: Mama Day is Evicted Week 2
One of my BB17 faves, Da'Vonne, or "Day" as everyone calls her, has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

I was hoping she would be able to pull it off somehow, but even with the  Last Laugh power she couldn't make it happen.

Da'Vonne told Julie in her exit interview that she thinks everyone is afraid to vote Audrey out simply because she is the first transgender person on Big Brother. She said no one wants to be the person to send her home. Da'Vonne also called her fellow houseguests "cowards" for not voting Audrey out.

Big Brother host Julie Chen later disagreed with Da'Vonne. Julie doesn't think BB17 houseguests are worried about evicting Audrey due to being transgender, she thinks that's simply Da'Vonne's "interpretation of what she thinks she sees." Chen added, "Maybe it’s also a little bit of what she wants to believe because she got evicted and Audrey didn’t even get nominated." (Julie also admitted she didn't love the Last Laugh twist.)

Da'Vonne talked with Julie about discovering the twin twist and ruffled some feathers with fans after calling Liz "Thickums" on live television. (Personally, I think Thickums is the greatest nickname to ever come from BB so get over yourselves and quit being such sensitive babies.)

The Big Brother live audience obviously loved Da'Vonne and gave her a HUGE round of applause when she left the house. The rest of the houseguests heard it and have been paranoid about it ever since.

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  1. I agree with Momma Day. Think back over the last few seasons and how everyone, in and out of the house, have reacted to what HGs have done and said. People would be kidding themselves if they think that the current HGs aren't concerned about nominating and evicting Audrey. I can only imagine the outrage if someone says something off the cuff in the house.

  2. Like last year, They had to vote out the great (in his own mind) F. grande.

  3. I think Mama Day would have given us a great summer..My fear is that we will be left with a bunch of boring houseguests..Im rooting for Steve..yea, somewhat boring but he goes to school in my area,,Go Blue Devils..lol

  4. I could have sworn last week on friday/saturday, Shelli and a few others were talking about not wanting to be *THAT PERSON* who voted Audrey out early. If my memory is correct then Da' was right. They are afraid and it continues to show.

    Da' got evicted and the audience roared loudly for her. Shelli made a comment about how she fears she's the bad guy to the feeders. They are very much afraid about the feeder's opinions of them.

  5. Julie is right. Da'vonne was loud, unstable and confrontational. She just could not hold her opinions in. Being that devisive, the HOH saw her as more of a threat than Audrey, who she is semi-aligned with. Davonne is good on feeds & entertaining but that very aspect -- being loud and outspoken -- makes her a target. How many loud and entertaining house guests ended up getting to the end in BB history? Very few