Audrey Refuses to Play Big Brother

BB17 Audrey Quits Big Brother
Audrey hides in the Have Not room under a blanket

BB17 Audrey Middleton Evicted
Audrey withdraws from BB17
Ever since getting called out by her fellow houseguests, Audrey Middleton has refused to partake in any events in the Big Brother 17 house. She spent 5 hours in the diary room after the house turned on her, and many BB fans suspect she wanted to self evict, or basically quit. Other fans think Audrey may have a medical condition such as anxiety or depression.

Audrey has refused to do simple things like shower, eat meals or campaign to stay in the house. She didn't even attend this week's veto ceremony.

All she will do at this point is go to the diary room, sleep and hide.
What a disappointment.

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