Audrey Middleton Evicted from Big Brother 17

Audrey Evicted Big Brother 17 2015
Audrey is 4th evicted
Audrey Middleton, the first ever transgender person on Big Brother 17, was evicted from the Big Brother 17 house Thursday night.

Audrey is the fourth BB17 houseguest to be evicted. The vote was 10-1 (including a penalty vote) with Austin being the one to vote her to stay. He apparently plans on pegging that one on Steve, but Julia knows Austin was the odd vote and she's passed that information onto Jackie.

During Audrey's final days in the BB17 house she swore she would not be doing post exit interviews. However, it looks like she's had a change of heart and she's doing the usual rounds.

Here are some highlights from her media interview with Entertainment Weekly (

On Audrey's 5-hour Diary Room Visit:
"In real life you get to deal with stress a lot more privately and I am an introvert in real life. It doesn’t come across that way on the show but I really am. I just created my own little shell. I went in there and I was very stressed out. The Diary Room is the one room in the house that is literally like a safe haven.… That was the one room I could go to and just confide and be alone and also just experience pure silence and not have to worry about talking to anyone or think about game for five seconds. I really just needed that time alone. In that moment I was kind of mourning over my own death in the game. I knew it was coming. It was inevitable, at least it felt that way from my perspective. I was like, “This is it!” And I needed to deal with it in my own way and that was in private."

On Why She Ate Pizza as a Have-Not:
And I did bring one of the packages of the sugar bread, or sweet bread, or whatever it was in there with me. Becky came in and took it out, she brought me a little bit of slop, I didn’t eat much of it, and then she brought me some pizza, which was confusing to me because she’s a Have Not and I’m a Have Not. And at that point I was just in such a fragile mindset I was like “You know what? F it.” And I ate the pizza. I have to own it."

Would Audrey do Amazing Race or Survivor?
"Maybe me and Shelli will do Amazing Race. I would loooove to do Survivor. I know people might disagree after watching the show, I don’t know if they think I can handle it. But it’s shot in a much shorter time frame and you don’t have to wait a whole week before you’re eliminated." (

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