Jeff and Jackie from Amazing Race on BB

Jeff Jackie Big Brother 17
Jeff and Jackie from TAR 
Rumor Control time! Lordy, I miss SuperPass and Rumor Control. One of the many rumors for Big Brother 17 is that Jeff and Jackie from The Amazing Race are the +2.

 It seems to be true. There's lots of evidence, including a leak from CBS in a BB17 promo. You always have to wonder if they enjoy putting those out there, or if someone from CBS made a mistake...

Hamsterwatch had a great idea, if you want to learn more about Jeff and Jackie, use your CBS All Access Pass to watch Jeff and Jackie on The Amazing Race Season 26. I'm totally doing this, I actually didn't watch that season and I feel totally out of the loop. If you haven't gotten the Big Brother 17 live feeds yet, get on it!

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