Audrey Middleton: First Transgender Houseguest BBUS

Big Brother 17 Audrey Middleton Transgender
Audrey Middleton
The Big Brother 17 cast was revealed today and fans are buzzing about the first transgender (BBUS) houseguest, Audrey Middleton.

Audrey was born Adam, and transitioned years ago. TMZ reports that Audrey's family wasn't very supportive of her becoming transgendered in the beginning, but are more supportive these days.

Most Big Brother fans seem to be supportive, but there are those who are offended right away.

Personally, I didn't like Audrey in her interview with Jeff, but I am hoping she wins me over.  Your thoughts, BB17 fans?

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  1. I liked her before I found out she was transgendered. What caught my interest was when she said she wanted to be like Dexter Morgan in the house. That's what caught my interest in her. I think she'll do great in the house! Looking forward to learning more about her.

  2. Does he still have his twig and berries? if so he is not a woman even if he chopped them off DNA doesn't change he'll never be a woman I cannot call him a she...tranny yes

  3. I don't belive he is a she, I would have to see it to belive it. I think this is all for ratings.

  4. Good cast addition. One of the best contestants in years.

  5. Ohio BB Watcher7/24/15, 9:33 PM

    REGARDLESS of gender labels, Audrey is a horrible person to be a participant in BB. If Audrey gets back into the house, then it will provide solid proof to me that there is SPECIAL treatment instead of EQUAL treatment going on!