Big Brother 17 (BB17) Premiere Info!

Big Brother 17 Premiere Date Time
BB17 Premieres June 24, 2015

Some fans are wondering when Big Brother 17 premieres this summer, and in case you're out of the loop, here's the scoop.

The last couple of years the BB premiere dates have varied. A premiere date after 4th of July used to be the norm, but last year's early start had us wondering if CBS would bring Big Brother back early again this summer.

Luckily for Big Brother 17 fans it's back early once again. The BB17 kickoff happens on June 24th & June 25th. 

The live feeds should also launch sometime during the 2-day premiere and will be available on CBS' new platform, the "All-Access Pass".

If you're wondering about the BB17 live feeds subscriptions, I wrote an article explaining everything (see link below). It's quite simple, really. $5.99/month gets you access to the feeds PLUS episodes from every single past Big Brother season! What's even better is that the CBS All-Access Pass also gives you access to episodes from other great shows such as The Amazing Race and Survivor. Trust me, once you have this feature you'll LOVE it.

Happy Big Brother 17 season!

CBS All Access Pass FAQ

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BB17 Live Feeds now included with CBS All Access - only $5.99/month!

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