Yes, The Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Will Be In HD

Will the Big Brother 17 live feeds be in HD? Yes, according to CBS.

BB17 Live Feeds HD

Great news for Big Brother fans who love the HD feature. Last year was the first year of HD and I thought it worked out quite nicely. The picture was a million times clearer. A little known fact is that SuperPass actually had the ability to handle HD in previous seasons but CBS never stepped up to the plate the upgrade their equipment. Finally they have caught up with the times and BB17 live feeds will again be in high-definition (HD).

Notice the small print though:

"To preserve the integrity of Big Brother and other reasons, the feeds may be edited, delayed or blacked out on occasion at CBS' sole discretion."


Now I bet you're really missing those SuperPass days, yeah?


  1. We'll see. The feeds were better last season on CBS.com in terms of getting back from comps and live shows quickly. Plus it was cheaper. What sucked about the feeds last year was that the only specialty show was Jeff's interviews with the evicted. Feeds wise though I had no complaints.

  2. After 4 season's of live feeds, i think i'll be passing on them this year. Thanks to last years Bore Fest. Not one time did i find it hard to get away from the computer. Besides, kinda growing tired of Big Brother's casting of people who don't even KNOW the game, next to those who live and breathe Big Brother. Everything about BBUS needs an overhaul. From the casting, the house itself, to throwing in kiddie popular people. ( See: Elissa, Frankie....etc) After Dark could easily to on Nickelodeon. Make Showmances "Have Not's" for the entire season. ( DEAR CBS.... Your target demographic shouldn't be 13 Year Old school girls who wish a straight man go gay....See: Frankie and what ever his name)