Big Brother's JeJo on 'Marriage Boot Camp' Season 3

Jeff and Jordan Marriage Boot Camp
JeJo on We-TV's Marriage Boot Camp

Jordan Lloyd on Marriage Boot Camp
Big Brother fans love power couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, and everyone's been wondering, when are these two gonna finally get married?

Jeff and Jordan became engaged last summer during Big Brother 16, but it seems they may have some issues to work out before tying the knot.

The couple will be on another reality TV show this spring called Marriage Boot Camp.

From E!:

"New exercises will be introduced this season, like forcing the couples to pull the plug on their coma-stricken partner to feel what life would be like without them, all to figure out if their relationship is worth saving or if they are better off apart."

Well, that was a long sentence.

Marriage Boot Camp Jordan Lloyd

I suppose we can come to the conclusion that this is going to be pretty cheesy. Pulling the plug on their significant other who's whaaaat...... in a coma?! That's just weird. It's also weird seeing Jordan in a house with all those plastic wannabe "stars".

Other reality couples working on their marriages are:

Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett
Still working on issues of infidelity, Kendra seems focking ANGRY. A little different from that plastic smile we usually see strewn across US Weekly...

Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 Situation
"The Situation" on Marriage Boot Camp

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino & Lauren Pesce
Omg. His head. It's literally swollen up like a tick about to pop! I have a feeling these two have a very dependent relationship.

Aubrey O'Day & Travis Garland
I don't know anything about Travis, but my gaydar was screaming it's head off. Aubrey is always entertaining, so hungry for attention, she is. I'm totally obsessed with her duck lips too.

Tami Roman & Reggie Youngblood
I don't watch Basketball Wives but I remember Tami from The Real World back in the 90s. She may have the longest running reality TV career in Hollywood.

Watch the Marriage Boot Camp Season 3 teaser trailer here.

Marriage Boot Camp will air in May 2015 on We-TV. Will you be watching?

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