BB Canada Season 3 Cast Reveal: Meet Sindy

Big Brother Canada 3 Sindy Nguyen
BBCAN3's Sindy Nguyen

BBCAN3 Sindy Nguyen
Meet Sindy Nguyen, 25, Toronto. Sindy is in the final group of Big Brother Canada 3 cast members to be revealed!

Watch out for Sindy, I get the feeling she'll be Secret Squirrel in the BBCAN3 house.

I have to admit, when Sindy told her story of being "allergic to running" I wasn't buying it. But apparently you CAN have an allergic reaction while exercising. Think this could be an issue in comps later down the road...?

Sindy says she's a competition beast but I think she's too high maintenance to really get down and dirty in comps. I also think her ego is going to barely fit through the Big Brother Canada house door...

BBCAN3 Player Strength Predictions for Sindy Nguyen:

Entertainment:     8
Charisma:            5
Strategy:              6
Popularity:           6
Comp Strength:   5
Social Game:       6

Meet Sindy Nguyen of Big Brother Canada 3 (video)

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