Big Brother Canada 3 Cast Reveal: Meet Sarah

Big Brother Canada 3 Sarah Hanlon
BBCAN3 Sarah Hanlon

BBCAN3 Sarah HanlonMeet Sarah Hanlon, 27, from Toronto. Sarah is one of the first six Big Brother Canada 3 cast members to be revealed!

Sarah is a budtender, or a "hemployee" in Toronto. I'm always down with herb friendly peeps, so i like Sarah. Like everyone else is saying, she totally reminds me of Big Brother 16's Nicole, with a little bit of Christine rolled in.

We all know eccentrics never last on Big Brother, so the odds are stacked against Sarah. Also, I think Sarah might fit in better with the boys than the girls, and that may be her downfall, we all know how that usually ends.

I think Sarah might be a better game player than fans expect, so if she can last past week 3 she may have a chance at making it far.

I LOVE that Sarah says she will not play scared and won't be afraid to win HOH's.

BBCAN3 Player Strength Predictions for Sarah Hanlon:

Entertainment:     7
Charisma:            8
Strategy:              7
Popularity:           6
Comp Strength:   8
Social Game:       7

Via Vapor Central (Sarah's employer, lol):

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