BB Canada 3 Fans Evict Risha

Big Brother Canada 3 Risha Evicted
Risha and Pilar of BBCAN3

To kick off the Big Brother Canada 3 season with a bang, BBCAN3 fans were given power to evict the very first houseguest.

It came down to 'Risha' Denner, the 41-year-old blonde whose boobs were constantly on display, and Pilar, a sweet, goofy non-threat.

Now, the only reason I mention Risha's boobs every time I talk about her is that she made it ALL ABOUT THE BOOBS.

So she has fake boobs? (And they are huge.) Fine. I'm not gonna cap on her for that. I really wanted to like Risha from the beginning but when all she offered up was melons on a platter, it made it hard to take her seriously. Every single outfit we saw her boobs. Hell, she even got them out in the hot tub the second day.

Risha became a joke. Her boobs defined her, and that's kind of sad.

BBCAN3 Risha's Tits In Hot Tub
Risha and her boobs' grand finale...

Had Risha put gameplay first, and worried about showing everyone her boobs less, she could have easily beat Pilar. But she gave us nothing . . .  except those massive fun-bags.

The reason Risha was even nominated in the first place is because she was flaunting herself. If she could have downplayed her wardrobe a little and came off less as a threat she could have kept the target off her chest back. I think she actually made people a little uncomfortable in the BBCAN3 house. Uncomfortable also equals 'threat'.

Outside the house fans and alum will love her though. And I bet she'll be REALY fun to party with post finale.

She'll get her meathooks into one of the BB alum, just wait. Heh.

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