BB Canada 3 Cast Reveal: Meet Risha (and Her Boobs)

Big Brother Canada 3 Risha Denner
BBCAN3's Risha

BBCAN3 Risha Denner
Meet Patricia "Risha" Denner, 41, Toronto. Risha is in the final group of Big Brother Canada 3 cast members to be revealed!

Um, WOW. Of course the first things(s) I noticed were the boobs. But I ain't hatin', Risha looks smoking hot. My first impression was that maybe she has something to prove though, because she whipped those bad boys out from the get-go. However, after watching her BBCAN3 video I think she seems pretty down to earth,  centered and fun.

I'm excited to see a 40-something woman in the BBCAN3 house, we need more women in this age group! Love seeing ladies my age in the house, so of course I'm #TeamRisha. Let's hope she can fit in with some of the younger ladies. (Better yet, what about a showmance with one of the younger guys? Yes, please!)

BBCAN3 Player Strength Predictions for Risha Denner:

Entertainment:     7
Charisma:            7
Strategy:              7
Popularity:           8
Comp Strength:   7
Social Game:       9

Meet Risha Denner of Big Brother Canada 3 (video)

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