BB Canada Season 3 Cast Reveal: Meet Jordan

Big Brother Canada 3 Jordan Parhar
BBCAN3's Jordan

Meet Jordan Parhar, 21, from Cloverdale, B.C.. Jordan is one of the first six Big Brother Canada 3 cast members to be revealed!
BBCAN3 Jordan Parhar
I don't know why, but I hate when newbie's compare themselves to past Big Brother cast members. Jordan says he's a lot like Peter, but not quite so loud. I doubt they are anything alike.

Jordan strikes me as pompous and narcissistic. Is it just me? There's an air about him that makes me think he's a know-it-all as well.

I think Jordan is going to dive into the game head first, making alliances and plotting strategies. However, I don't think his cast mates will find him to be trustworthy. In fact, I think they will find him as a threat almost immediately. If he can't play a good social game his first couple of weeks he may be in trouble early on.

BBCAN3 Player Strength Predictions for Jordan Parhar:

Entertainment:     6
Charisma:            6
Strategy:              6
Popularity:           5
Comp Strength:   7
Social Game:       5

Meet Jordan Parhar of Big Brother Canada 3 (video)

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