PHOTOS: BB Canada Season 3 House is UHmazing!

Big Brother Canada Season 3 is right around the corner, and now that we know who the cast are, we get to see the amazing BBCAN3 house!

BBCAN3 House Door
BBCAN3's door: The way in - and the way out.
Let's just talk about that DOOR, shall we?!

The Big Brother Canada Season 3 house has one of the most amazing doors ever. Even though BB Canada is the newb, it's showing it is top notch when it comes to house design! Can someone send those responsible down to CBS in L.A. to show BBUS how to do it RIGHT? Lordy, I am so tired of the same funking house EVERY damn season for BBUS...but I digress.

The hallway to the washroom is like a portal to another world...

BBCAN3 House Photos

The HOH room is quite nice...

BBCAN3 HOH Room Pics

And the HOH bathroom is especially swanky...

BBCAN3 House Pics

Now go check out the rest of the house. It's pretty amazing. The details are really cool. I love the clock theme, kudos to BBCAN3 for creating a beautiful house. See the rest of it over t Big Brother Canada 3's official website!


  1. Beautiful house! They've outdone us here in the USA. We need to bring it big for Season 17, lol.
    Spicy, do you have any updates on where us folks here in the USA can watch the BBC episodes live as they air? I have Hola for watching the Live Feeds.

  2. Its not working like it did the last two seasons. I have tried everywhere on chrome with hola and other vpns. I think one other website I don't want to name will be showing the shows and feeds and I hope so being I can't seem to get anything to work on global video related wise to big brother. I can watch any other video or show on global using hola but not big brother clips or the housemates videos. ughhh. Starting to feel my bb withdrawls. If anyone can privately contact me via my goodle acct. I would appreciate it. There has to be another way around this. Thanks ahead of time. I realize no one wants to post links as they get taken down and shut down ASAP when found. I hope tomorrow is a diff. story.