BB Canada 3 First Eviction: Risha vs. Pilar

BBCAN3 Risha and Pilar Nominated for Eviction
Risha & Pilar up for eviction
It was an exciting premiere episode of Big Brother Canada 3! Exciting for everyone except Risha and Pilar, who are facing eviction.

BBCAN3 has revealed that the fans get to VOTE for who will stay and who will go - how will you vote?

Risha made herself a target immediately by getting her boobs out at every opportunity, but she would be live feeds gold. GOLD I tell you!

Then there's quirky Pilar, who seems fun and goofy, but also kind of passive. Does she have what it takes to compete in the BBCAN3 house?

I'm curious who everyone likes, so I set up a poll:

Who Do You Want to STAY in the House?

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