Big Brother Canada Season 3 Cast: Meet Ashleigh

Big Brother Canada 3 Ashleigh Wood
BBCAN3: Ashleigh from Alberta

Meet Ashleigh Wood 21, from Alberta. One of the first 6 Big Brother Canada 3 cast members to be revealed!

BBCAN3 Cast Ashleigh WoodAshleigh says she has 7 siblings, 6 of them brothers, so she can deal with guys in the BBCAN3 house. She says her mouth might get her into trouble, but I doubt that. I think she is going to get railroaded this season. She seems waaay to nice and naive to do any damage in the Big Brother Canada 3 house.

Although Ashleigh says she is willing to be dishonest in the game, but I just don't believe her. She's awkward in her video and I feel like she is forcing herself to be more extroverted than she really is. She'll probably skate through the game because other BBCAN3 cast members won't find her to be much of a threat.

Ashleigh Wood says her hidden talent is "burping" but yet she can't do it on command.

Sorry but I find her boooooooring already. I don't expect that to change on the feeds. Prove me wrong, Ashleigh!

BBCAN3 Player Strength Predictions for Ashleigh Wood:

Entertainment:     2
Charisma:            5
Strategy:              4
Popularity:           6
Comp Strength:   5
Social Game:       6

Meet Ashleigh Wood of Big Brother Canada 3 (video)

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