BB Canada Season 3: Meet Brittnee

Big Brother Canada 3 Brittnee Blair
BBCAN3's Brittnee

BBCAN3 Brittnee Blair
Meet Brittnee Blair, 25, from Calgary. Brittnee is one of the first six Big Brother Canada 3 cast members to be revealed!

I like Brittnee right away because she seems to shoot from the hip. What you see is what you get. I definitely think Brittnee will try and divide and conquer her competition on Big Brother Canada 3.

I think Brittnee would make an excellent ally, in that she'll be very loyal to those she aligns with. She might also bring a bit of drama, as I think she might have a nasty side when wronged.

I definitely think Brittnee will be fun on the BBCAN3 live feeds.

BBCAN3 Player Strength Predictions for Brittnee Blair:

Entertainment:     8
Charisma:            8
Strategy:              8
Popularity:           7
Comp Strength:   6
Social Game:       7

Meet Brittnee Blair of Big Brother Canada 3 (video)

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