CBB: Ken Morley Booted From Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Ken  Morley Kicked Off CBB 2015
Ken Morley is kicked off CBB 2015 for offensive remarks

Wow, we're not even one week in and already TWO celebrities have been kicked out of the CBB house!

First it was bad boy Jeremy Jackson and his pawing at Chloe's robe to expose a boob, now it's Ken and his disrespectful mouth.

Ken, who has made questionable comments regarding women and race, was asked to leave Big Brother on Monday's episode, after receiving a formal warning just days ago. This is how it went down:

CBB: "Ken, before you entered the Big Brother house the rules regarding unacceptable language and behavior were explained to you. You've already received a formal warning for your use of offensive language regarding race in a conversation with Alexander. You were told that Big Beother expected your behavior to change, and you were told in the strongest possible terms that any further use of such offensive language may lead to your removal from the house.

"Today at 7:53AM in a conversation with Keith you again used unacceptable language regarding race. You have also made offensive remarks about nationality and decent in a conversation with Patsy and have continued to make offensive comments towards women. Ken, due to your continued use of offensive and wholly unacceptable language in the house, Big Brother is left with no option other than to remove you from the house.Do you have anything to say?"

Ken Morley: "Nope."

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