Jeremy Jackson Booted From CBB For Being a Boob

Jeremy Jackson Kicked Off Celebrity Big Brother
Jeremy Jackson kicked off CBB 2015 on Day 3

Controversial houseguest Jeremy Jackson was kicked off Celebrity Big Brother 2015 after exposing Chloe Goodman's boob while drunk.

It all happened on Day 3. Jeremy, who had been practically drinking since CBB's launch, was drunk again and hugging the toilet when Chloe came into the bathroom to comfort him. That's when Jeremy allegedly opened Chloe's bathrobe to expose her naked boob. Chloe immediately left the room in tears, feeling vulnerable and exposed.

Jeremy apologized right away, saying he didn't think Chloe was naked under her robe. He also blamed it on the alcohol. Perez Hilton was outraged and called for Jeremy to be booted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Celebrity Big Brother Chloe's Boob
Chloe is comforted by Cami

Big Brother spoke with Chloe, who told her side of the story while hyperventilating and crying.
Big Brother then spoke with Jeremy, and also allowed him to tell his side of things. He apologized again, saying he was never aggressive with Chloe and meant no harm. Big Brother then reminded him of the rules, and promptly kicked him out of the Celebrity Big Brother house. Here's how it went down:

Big Brother:  "Hello Jeremy. Before you entered the Big Brother house the rules regarding unacceptable behavior were explained to you. Last night while in the toilet with Chloe, you deliberately opened Chloe's dressing gown. Big Brother deems your behavior to be wholly unacceptable. Is there anything you want to say?"

Jeremy Jackson: "Besides apologizing and insisting that it was not a "ripping open" or an aggressive move that uh ... No. There's nothing. I accept all ramifications."

Big Brother: "As a result of actions, Big Brother has no choice but to remove you from the house.  Jeremy, you must now leave, via the door to your left."

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