Jeremy Jackson vs Perez Hilton: Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Now that Celebrity Big Brother 2015 is underway we've gotten to see a glimpse of the "celebrities" during their first day in the house. The two celebs I am obsessed with are Jeremy Jackson and Perez Hilton.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Jeremy Jackson
Jeremy Jackson on CBB
Possibly the most controversial housemate this season, Jeremy Jackson, the junkie bad boy from Baywatch, is already living up to his reputation. Loud, obnoxious and drunk, Jeremy seems to be on the fast track to eviction from the CBB house. (I mean come on, we all know people like him never last in the house.)

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton on CBB
Then there's nosy twat Perez Hilton, whose head is so far up everyone's ass it's like watching the Human Centipede. (I can't believe he still gets on reality shows. Ugh.)
The problem I have with Perez is...the person he is playing on CBB is fake. He's a weasel hiding behind an alter ego in life, and on Celebrity Big Brother he's playing that character up to the hilt. Fake, fake, fake.

Of Jeremy and Perez I'd have to say I'd rather Jeremy is the less of the two evils. I definitely would like to see him stay longer than Perez. He's surely more entertaining. Perez is just an annoying gnat whose know-it-all attitude has already grown tiresome, and we're only on Day 2.
But that's just my opinion - what's yours?

Who would YOU like to see be evicted first on Celebrity Big Brother 2015?

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