#CBB Even Michelle Visage Hates Perez Hilton

Michelle Visage Celebrity Big Brother

Michelle Visage = CBB QUEEN

Perez Hilton has been out of control on Celebrity Big Brother 2015. He's screaming, crying for attention, bullying people, crying...ugh. What a MESS.

Even lovely Michelle Visage (I LOVE her) can't stand Perez on CBB. She summed him up quite nicely when speaking to Cami Li:

"Nobody likes him (Perez). Nobody. I'm a person of compassion and love. He FEIGNS compassion and love. I don't like fake..."

Cami Li chimed in. "I told him, there's a reason why you don't have any friends outside of this."

Michelle continued. "He's so irrelevant. And he is SO caught up in his own shit that he can't see people in front of his face. He cares about nobody. He's so out of touch with who he actually is as a human. Honestly."


What was that?! He was outside, when no one was paying attention to him, dry humping the air in a fake fit of orgasmic ecstasy. I have watched thousands of hours of BBAU, BBUK, and BBUS and I have NEVER seen anything like it. It was the most extreme cry for attention I think I've EVER seen on reality TV. It was crazy, yet pathetically sad. This is what Perez has become. And to think, he's a millionaire. (If you've visited his site, you're part of the problem.)

CBB Perez Hilton Gets Off
Troll Mario Lavendeira, aka Perez 
Perez dry humping in the garden, "Oh YES! OH YES! OH YES! OH YES!"

Michelle Visage goes to Big Brother and complains about Perez's lewd behavior. Michelle and Calum go to the Diary Room.


"Big Brother, what we just witnessed is an outrage. I don't have a voice so I can't voice it. But I'm outraged for an entire community that has been fighting for equality for so long. And that one of our people can run around in his underwear, make sexually explicit movements, be bothersome to these girls and set our community back 50-years. We've been fighting this fight everyday for equal rights, equality, equal insurance, equal marriage ... it's ridiculous that I fight for these things everyday when this person is an embarassment to an entire community, let alone a country. I do not want people judging the gay community on this ass..."
She starts crying. Calum consoles her. Big Brother cuts to a clip of Perez bragging, "OMG, I came 3 times!"

Get. Perez. OUT.

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