Cami Li and Calum Best: Inappropriate Relationship?

Cami Li and Calum Best Showmance CBB 2015
Calum and Cami Li get cozy in the CBB house
On Celebrity Big Brother 2015 Cami Li and Calum Best have been inseparable from Day 1. Cami Li allegedly has a boyfriend, yet she is obviously VERY attracted to Calum. The two are often seen cuddling and flirting, and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

Cami Li became defensive after hearing Perez Hilton's conversation about her disrespecting her boyfriend by flirting with Calum. But is she being disrespectful? Has she and Calum crossed the line? There's been no kissing or inappropriate touching (that I've seen), but do you think their emotional connection should be threatening to her boyfriend?

Is Cami Li disrespecting her boyfriend?

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