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Utopia Cast Twitter Accounts List
Those crazy Utopians.

Now that Utopia has been cancelled, many Utopia fans are wondering when the Utopians will be online, and more specifically, on Twitter.

Utopia Executive Producer Jon Kroll tweeted that the cast of Utopia are currently in hotel rooms, talking with their families. With any luck they will be on Twitter in the next couple/few days.

FOX pulled the plug on Utopia Sunday, canceling the TV show and sending the cast home as they were in the middle of constructing proper beds. The live feeds went dark and that was that. Poof, Utopia was a thing of the past.

I'll be compiling a list of Utopia cast members Twitter accounts here as they arrive on the social network. If you have any Twitter accounts to add, please let me know in the comments section and I will add them here.

Which Utopian cast member are you most excited to see on Twitter? Will you miss Utopia?

Utopians on Twitter:

Aaron Thomas - @Chef_AJThomas (inactive)

Amanda Scott - @MamaBearSeattle

Bella Chartrand - @Bella_Chartrand

Bri Nguyen - @Briizeey


Chris Tuorto - @tuortillini

Dave Green - @5thAveDave

Dedecker Winston - @DedekerWinston


Hex Vanisles - @kimAbondy

James - @jamswft


Jonathan Lovelace - @BigJonLovelace & @PastorOfPromise

Josh Johnston - Lawd have mercy, Josh is finally on Twitter! @joshslcstud


Kristen Vanstrom - @kristenvanstrom

Mike Quinn - @msqsp

Nikki Noce - @DrNikkiNoce

Red Vanwinkle - @RedAihooooo

Rhonda Deniston - @RhondaDeniston

Rob Hospidor - It was @Hospidor, but Rob deactivated his account. He may reopen it...

Taylor Vaughn - @TaylorVOmaha

Still updating this list, check back for updates on the Utopians cast Twitter accounts!

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