Fox's UTOPIA Officially Cancelled!

Utopia Cancelled Fox Reality Show
Utopia is dunzo.

The odds were stacked against it, and we all sort of had a feeling it would end this way, but the FOX reality show 'UTOPIA' was finally cancelled this weekend.

The UTOPIA show will cease immediately, and it looks like the Utopia live feeds have gone dark. Ratings went from mediocre to worse, and even though the concept of Utopia was good, it just wasn't executed properly.

Live feeds subscribers are pretty bummed. Even though it wasn't the best show, it was somewhat entertaining, and depite many fans complaining about the cast, there were some great Utopians. (My personal faves were Josh and Bella, yours?)

Executive Producer Jon Kroll confirmed Utopia's cancellation on Twitter. "Sorry to confirm, cancellation is true - a shock to all of us with all the great feedback on the new direction. Thanks to all for support."

He also said he is trying to help Utopia staff members find work, since no one knew the show was going to be cancelled. He also confirmed the cancellation of Utopia's streaming live feeds.

Are you bummed that UTOPIA was cancelled?

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