Donny Lost His Job As A Groundskeeper

Big Brother 16 Donny Thompson Lost Job
Big Brother's Donny

Big Brother 16's Donny Thompson says he lost his job as a groundskeeper at Cabarrus County School District in North Carolina, a job he's held for more than 6-years.

Donny left his job to be on Big Brother, but only took a couple months worth of vacation. As you know, he was absent from his job for far longer than that, and when he returned he found his job was no longer available.

Believe it or not, this actually wasn't a shock to Donny, who pretty much knew he would NOT be returning to a job. He knew he'd have to go through the hiring process again, and since he chose to travel after the show (who wouldn't?) he missed the hiring timeline.

Not to worry, I doubt Donny will have a hard time finding another job. He's a sweetheart of a man and would be an asset to any company - just as long as he doesn't leave his next job for Big Brother All-Stars!~ Heh.

BB16 winner Derrick on Donny's employment status:

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