Utopian Hopeful Katie Gets Topless/ Naked Within An Hour

Utopia Katie Topless Naked
Katie shows off her assets almost immediately

Now that Red has been voted off of Utopia, two new Utopian hopefuls have come through the door. Cal, a 39-year old hippy dude who doesn't want to work for the man and prefers to live off the land, doing things at his own pace. He's kind of a weirdo and went to bed early his first night.

Then there's Katie. Single mom of two, who works as a topless housekeeper. Shortly after arriving to Utopia Katie told the Utopians she was only a topless housekeeper so she had lots of extra time to spend with her daughters. Rob called her out, saying if she wanted to be with her daughters more she wouldn't have come to Utopia. I think he was being harsh at first, but I think his first impressions of Katie were right.

After being grilled by the original Utopians, Katie decided to go "swimming". Mike and Josh followed, with Dedeker shortly behind. Katie went to the shore and got topless right away. Her massive, veiny tigbitties bounced to freedom as she stripped off her clothing. 
Gurl was advertising!

Josh mumbled something over and over. I think it was, "Oh no ... oh no... oh no..."

Katie then took everything off and started skinny dipping. She said, "I need to learn to swim on my back!" as she swam on her back, putting her boobs and box on full display for the Utopians, who didn't really seem to mind. Rob mocked her for claiming she wanted to learn to swim on her back. There's just so many jokes there..

Anyhow, mommy Katie sure came in HOT, didn't she? 

I get the feeling she and Chris are going to hookup tonight. Lawd I hope so.

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