BBAU's Cat and Lawson: Love Them or Hate Them?

BBAU Cat and Lawson Showmance 2014
Cat and Lawson on BBAU

Despite trying to keep their romance in check, Big Brother Australia's Cat and Lawson have grown closer by the day in the BBAU house.

BBAU Lawson's Girlfriend Candice
Lawson's girlfriend Candice
Lawson, who has a longtime girlfriend named Candice, told the BBAU house after a few drinks that he would choose Cat over Candice if he had to make the decision right then and there.

Cat and Lawson have pretty much made their relationship, or "showmance," official, and have openly showed affection while around their housemates. But the romance has come at a cost, especially for Lawson. It's been eating at him and he is racked with guilt. Lawson cried in the BBAU diary room and told Big Brother he feels terrible because of his betrayal to Candice,. He added that Candice's family took care of him after his own mother died, and that makes the guilt even worse. He said he doubts he can ever look them in the eye again.

Rumor has it that Lawson's girlfriend Candice will enter the Big Brother Australia house THIS WEEK. (I hope it's true, this season needs some sort of drama.)

So I ask you, BBAU fans, what do you think about Cat and Lawson's relationship? Are they the perfect match despite all odds, or is their forbidden romance shameful?

Do You Love or Hate Cat and Lawson Together?

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