UTOPIA: Why You Should Be Watching.

Utopia Fox Reality TV Show
UTOPIA is my new reality TV obsession!

I'll admit, like most Big Brother fans, I was a little leery of watching FOX's new reality show, UTOPIA, at first. Sure, it has live feeds, but could it keep my interest?

I only caught up on the show's episodes this week, and just started watching the live feeds five days ago, but already, I'm hooked.

I've noticed that Big Brother fans don't seem to want to give UTOPIA a chance. They heard from someone, somewhere, that UTOPIA sucked and so they aren't even trying to watch it. However, BB fans pretty much hate everything, including Big Brother most of the time, so I'm not too shocked that they're already ripping into it. So here I am, telling you why YOU should be watching this refreshing reality show.....just hear me out.


1. Free Live Feeds
The quality of the live feeds is superb, and you don't have to pirate them from some questionable website, lol. (If you can't stand the ads on the free feeds, you only have to pay $4.99 a month for ad-free live feeds. Cheap!)

2. It's Not Scripted
UTOPIA is about as real as a reality show is going to get. There are no scripted Diary Room sessions like Big Brother (I have begun to loathe DR sessions) and these people have absolutely ZERO filters!

3. It's a True 'Social Experiment'
The cast of UTOPIA have a LOT more problem solving to do than anyone on Big Brother ever has - or Survivor, for that matter. They started without electricity, toilets, or basic human needs. They are literally building their own society from the ground up. This includes governing their own people, and creating their own economic future.

Utopia Bella Letra
Bella, you entertain us so! (Photo cred: @neonne)
4. Batsh*t Bella
Someone on Twitter gave Bella that nickname and I'm sticking with it. Bella is a Utopian who is most concerned with creating a sustainable garden and farm in UTOPIA. She has been met with a lot of resistance and has a mental breakdown at least three times a day. Every day.

Utopia Nudity Naked Cast Reality TV
Nudity is common in Utopia
5. Nudity and Sex
Okay, call me perverted, but the no bras, naked bathing/swimming sessions and barn sex is kind of fun. Apparently UTOPIA includes very little clothing and lots of love.

6. Drama
Yes, UTOPIA has it's fair share of drama, and it's all genuine. In only a couple of weeks there have been numerous alcohol related incidents, full-on fights - some physical, and the tears are plentiful. It's "utopia" for reality TV fans.

Watch the UTOPIA live streams at the official UTOPIA site, or watch the two free streams live on YouTube:   CAM 1  |  CAM 2

And make sure you tune into UTOPIA's Twitter account it's really interactive and fun!

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