Utopia: Bri Nguyen Mentions Suicide on Live Feeds

Utpoia Bri Nguyen Threatens Suicide
Bri talks suicide in Utopia 

Monday night the Utopia live feeds caught a part of a conversation between Bri and Chris. It seems Bri mentioned something about how she'd been thinking of suicide sometime earlier in the day, and Chris asked her about it. (Bri also allegedly saw psychologist earlier in the day - according to Bri.)

During the conversation we heard Chris tell Bri he didn't understand why she mentioned suicide in front of cameras. Bri replied that it was just a 'thought'. Chris then asked Bri why she said it in front of everyone then.

The cameras immediately cut off and moved to an exterior shot of Utopia.

Meanwhile, fans are left wondering if Bri is serious or if she's just looking for more attention. I'm pretty sure it's the latter. I wouldn't worry too much about Bri attempting suicide in Utopia.

Either way, suicide is nothing to joke about, and anyone who would mention it solely for attention isn't exactly healthy either. Moral of the story? Bri probably shouldn't be on a reality show. Would you agree?

[Photo Credit: @UtopiaPioneerUS]

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