6 Reasons Why Utopia Fans Hate Bri.

FOX Utopia Bri Nguyen
America wants Bri out.

Utopia fans hate Bri and want her out of Utopia.

Bri has given us many reasons not to like her, but now that her ass is on the line, the Utopians have been exchanging stories about her. It seems everyone has a crazy story that Bri's told them.
Here are just some of the reasons we think Bri needs to leave Utopia ASAP:

1. Bri's easy
Hooking up with a guy on DAY 3 while being filmed for a reality TV show is just gross. Especially when there are live feeds involved. This isn't Rock of Love, sweetheart. 

2. Bri's mean to animals.
The veterinarians don't want Bri near the animals. Why? Because she's aggressive with them and she nearly starved their cow intentionally, to save costs. The veterinarians instructed the Utopians to not let Bri care for the animals after seeing her force feed the calf, and after noticing their cow was malnourished. (The vets have assured us they are watching.)

3. Bri is a terrible friend.
   - Bri says a friend of hers died while she was with her. Bri went to a rave the next night. Josh told this story to the Utopians, who were shocked.
   - Hex told Utopians that Bri told her she locked a friend in a room and lit her on fire when she was a small child. WTF.
   - Bri's a terrible girlfriend too, apparently. Yeah, she has a boyfriend. Or so she says. (Refer to #6.)

4. Bri wishes death on fellow Utopians.
Wishing death on someone is pretty low. Bri told Utopians she wanted Bella dead. Ernesto, a widower who lost his wife a few years ago, was offended by her insensitive comments.

5. Bri's lazy.
She sleeps in late nearly every day and contributes "0" to Utopia.

6. Bri lies about everything.
Or does she? She's been caught in tons of white lies around Utopia, which leads us to believe that most everything she says is an exaggeration or lie. She told Ernesto this week that as a child she suffered "the worst things a child could experience," but was it for sympathy, or is she revealing some very sensitive information to viewers?

Bri worries her family is going to disown her when she leaves Utopia. Hooking up with Chris might be the least of the reasons why.

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