Julie Chen Says Christine "Made a Fool" of Her Husband

Big Brother 16 Christine Brecht Booed
Chenbot didn't mind the boos...
After last night's dramatic double eviction episode where Christine Brecht was booed by the live audience, Big Brother 16 fans have been debating whether or not the boos were warranted.

Julie Chen kept her cool during Christine's exit interview, but what did she REALLY think of the audience booing Christine? And, what did Julie think about Christine's actions in the house? Entertainment Weekly asked her. Her response may surprise you.

"I think the boos were in part: no one likes to see a woman making a fool of her husband. It doesn’t matter that we don’t even know him. I mean, he looked nice enough.  But more than that, she double-crossed her “friend” Nicole…who is decent, forthright and trusting.  And for what?  For the sake of those men who betrayed her."  
- Julie Chen on Christine being booed.

Do you think Christine made a fool of her husband or is everyone being too hard on her?

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