Everyone's Hooking Up on UTOPIA.

Utopia Reality Show Sex
Bri and Chris after their romp

Omg, Fox's UTOPIA just started and already there is more sex than when Brenchel was in the Big Brother house!

Utopia Reality Show Bri and Chris Have Sex
Bri, the 20-year old vet tech, hooked up with Chris, the chile farmer. It was brisk, and Bri wasn't exactly quiet. (The sound of sloppy kisses will kill you.)

Then another couple got handy on UTOPIA.
Mike, the 33-year old attorney, and Dedecker, 26, the self-proclaimed f**k all.

There is no shortage of horniness on UTOPIA (a.k.a. The Glass House 2.0)!

If you've missed it, UTOPIA is on Fox and airs on Tuesdays and Fridays. UTOPIA has live feeds and video highlights on their website, you'll just need to register. There are 4 live camera angles on UTOPIA, like the Big Brother live feeds, but unless you pay for a premium account, you'll get 2. No flashback features are available.

Are you watching UTOPIA? If so, do you think it has potential to last more than one season?

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