UTOPIA: Bri Worries Sex With Chris Will Make Her Homeless

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Bri worries her sex scenes will disgust her Catholic parents

It seems UTOPIA's Bri is worried about her late night romp with Chris. The clip of Bri and Chris having sex aired during UTOPIA's first episode and she's worried about what her parents will think.

While talking to Aaron Thursday morning, Bri revealed that she might not have a home to return to after UTOPIA. She said she's worried her parents will greet her with, "We no longer recognize you as our daughter."

Aaron asks if she thinks it will really be "that bad?"

"Oh, yeah! My parents don't even hold hands. I've never seen my parents hold hands. EVER," responds Bri. She continues:

"There is NO public display of affection. They're so conservative...traditional Catholic. And the first night, I'm like in bed with Chris. You know what I mean? They've seen the pomegranate tree, the hay loft... the hay loft made the cut on the first episode! .... So that's out there. No family to go home to, for sure."

Bri tells Aaron she is going to be a "hobo" when she leaves UTOPIA. Aaron makes light of the situation, telling her she won't be a hobo, at least not for 52-weeks. Bri says that's only true if she doesn't get booted off the show in the next week...

Sounds like someone might be regretting her decision to have sex with Chris so soon. (But not regretting it enough to stop begging for it every night.) D'oh!

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