"Christine's In Love With Cody" Says Caleb, Tells Tim to Divorce Her.

BB16 Christine Is In Love With Cody
Most awkward Big Brother showmance ever?
"It's so crazy how in love with Cody Christine is," Caleb said on the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Tuesday. "...and she's married."

BB16 Christine In Love With Cody
Caleb tells Tim to "sign the divorce papers"

So yeah, Caleb said what a lot of BB16 fans (and Christine's family) are thinking. Is Christine in LOVE with Cody, or what? She claims her flirting with Cody is "strategy," but there's zero strategy to it.

"That's ... yeah ... that's bad. That's bad. That's bad." Caleb continues, "I mean, she can't stay away from him. It's like she's literally melted to him."

Then Caleb speaks directly to Christine's husband, Tim.

"Tim, sign the divorce papers! Just sign 'em. Go ahead! They're in love, they're in love, baby. There ain't nothing nobody can do. None of us houseguests can separate 'em..."

Caleb laughs as both Derrick and Victoria have covered their faces. Derrick shouts out to his wife, "I love you! I got my ring on!"

Caleb continues with his rant:

"You notice Victoria ain't wearing it around the house playing pool in it, badminton, like Cody was wearing Christine's wedding ring..."

Derrick interrupts, trying to lighten the mood. It works, but can you say AWKWARD?

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