Izzy the Dog Has Arrived in the Big Brother 16 House!

Big Brother 16 Dog Izzy 2014
Izzy the Dog Enters the #BB16 House!

Big Brother 16 fans are dog lovers!

BB told fans to vote on what kind of animal the houseguests should have for a day and fans voted for a dog! The lucky dog is adorable - HER name is IZZY!

Izzy the Dog in the Big Brother 16 House
Izzy the dog is BB16's new houseguest for a day

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Flashback time: Sept. 9, 9:04AM BBT
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The doorbell rings and houseguests are freaking out. After waiting for someone to open the door, Big Brother simply opens it and sends Izzy through the door. Izzy was thrilled to enter the house, and the BB16 houseguests were thrilled to have her companionship. Frankie nearly sobbed.

Izzy came with a note attached. It read:

"Hi houseguests, my name is Izzy. Your friends on the live feeds thought you might like an extra buddy in the house, so they sent me to play with you today. You'll find my dish, treats and toys in the storage room. Please keep my dish full of water!"

Big Brother 16 Izzy The Dog
Izzy and Victoria
Yay for dogs! I would miss mine immensely if I were in the Big Brother house..

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