WHAT!? Big Brother 16 Backyard Interviews Will Not Be LIVE From CBS.

CBS Big Brother 16 Backyard Interviews
In the BB13 backyard with Dominic
Wow. Jeff Schroeder has announced that the Big Brother 16 backyard interviews will be on CBS.com - but they will NOT BE LIVE.

I'm pretty sure Big Brother fans won't be thrilled with this news. Big Brother live feeders love that one of the perks of being a live feeder is having exclusive access to the Big Brother backyard interviews. Most of you remember I was a part of that a couple/few years back, and part of the fun of it all is that it was truly LIVE!

Having the Big Brother 16 backyard interviews be filmed, spliced, cleaned up and edited before fans get to see it just, well, sucks.

I'll never forget the pressure of being live during the backyard interviews, it was so intense. Everything behind the scenes is going crazy, there are egos, there's bitterness, emotion, technical difficulties, CBS freaking out about this or that....and it was all RAW!

It was f*cking chaos.

Big Brother 16 Backyard Interviews 2014
The old days of LIVE backyard interviews
With the Big Brother 16 backyard interviews being RECORDED it takes away everything that we loved about them. It was all a part of the finale night - the live show, then the live backyard interviews. You stocked up on food, you tweeted, you talked shit, you bitched about how long the interviews were/weren't....as everything went down LIVE.

We could keep going on about the SuperPass LIVE finale parties and all that as well, but it only makes me sad for how things have changed.

Phooey. Not happy. How are you feeling about this news?

UPDATE: I'm hearing that a CBS affiliate will be live streaming from the backyard, LINK HERE!

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