BBCAN's AJ Burman Brings Post Season Drama

BBCAN AJ Burman Ryan Carrillo Fight
BB Canada's AJ Burman is at war with Ryan Carrillo

After BB15 we had the Jessie/Aaryn/Judd drama, but this season it's all about Big Brother Canada's AJ Burman and Reality Relapse host Ryan Carrillo!

Carrillo, who is BFFs with Rachel Reilly, co-hosted the Big Brother 16 post-finale cast party. AJ attended the party and somehow these two started butting heads. The Twitter war started with  a tweet from AJ, asking who Ryan was, because he was drinking his booze.

AJ Burman Ryan Carrillo Fight

Ryan Carrillo AJ Burman Fight

Ryan called AJ "ugly" and AJ said something about suing Ryan. Popcorn, anyone? Yikes! The Twitter war continued the following day:

BBCAN AJ Burman Fight Twitter

It will be interesting to watch the drama unfold...unless the joke's on us. But somehow I highly doubt that.

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