BB16: Frankie Explains Lesbian Comments on The Talk

BB16 Frankie's Lesbian Comments on The Talk
Frankie, Derrick on The Talk with Chenbot

The morning after the Big Brother 16 finale Frankie Grande and BB16 winner Derrick Levasseur made an appearance on The Talk with Julie Chen, aka Chenbot.

Frankie didn't even finish in the Top 3, so why he was asked  to be on The Talk is obvious. CBS has a love affair with him and his "famous" sister. They always have their favorites. But if you ask me, Cody should have been in that seat. But moving on...

Frankie and Derrick's segment included Julie Chen asking Derrick what he plans to do with his winnings. Derrick said he leaves the money up to his wife, but he adds that daughter Tenley will be going to college.

The Talk co-host Sarah Gilbert, who came out of the closet four years ago, asked Frankie about his comment that lesbians make a choice to be lesbian. Something many fans have wanted to hear him elaborate on. Frankie explained his stance, and it made perfect sense.

SARA: "One thing you said was quote, 'Many lesbians chose to become lesbians later in life. Women who've been with men, after man, after man, after men, it doesn't work so much that way.' ... So you're insinuating that men don't chose, but women do chose."

FRANKIE: "Honestly, I'm a student of gender and sexuality, and I studied in college and literally that was something regurgitated from an article I had read back in the day. But let me say the way that I feel is, I feel society forces us to conform to certain social norms and it takes people later in their life to chose to defy those social norms. That's how I feel."

Watch Frankie Grande and Derrick Levasseur on The Talk:

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