Frankie Evicted From Big Brother 16

BB16 Frankie Grande Evicted
Sorry Ariana, Frankie Grande evicted from the BB16 house!

Yesterday was the taping of tonight's "LIVE" eviction (lol) and of course Big Brother 16 fans leaked that Frankie Grande was (allegedly) evicted.

We have no proof of this, the BB16 live feeds are down until after tonight's episode airs on the West Coast, but the rumor is strong. Instead of boos, we hear the audience cheered as he was evicted. Cheers of joy, of course.

As for the new Big Brother 16 HOH, the RUMOR is that it's Victoria, Cody Derrick. The comp is a 'Before & After' comp, so it wouldn't be too far fetched of a rumor. 

Watch Frankie's eviction on Big Brother 16 tonight at 9pm EST/PST, only on CBS.

Will you be glad to see Frankie go?

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