Big Brother 16 Episodes Schedule - FINALE WEEK!

BB16 Episodes Schedule
Um, Julie, What are you DOING?

The Big Brother 16 schedule is a little goofy this week as we lead up to it's finale episode, next week.

So you don't miss a single episode, here is the week ahead.  The Big Brother 16 schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday September 16 - 9pm EST (Special Eviction and Power of Veto Episode, Final 4 Revealed)
  • Wednesday September 17 - 9pm EST (Live Eviction Show, Final 3 Revealed)
  • Friday September 19 - 9pm EST (Special Looking Back Episode)
  • Wednesday September 24 - FINALE EPISODE, 9:30pm EST

Who are you hoping walks away the winner of BB16?

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